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Murder mystery

Forgotten Souls-

up to 8 players. You stumble upon a secret cave on an island. Inside the cave are the trapped souls of the Black Emerald. See if your group has what it takes to solve the challenging puzzles to free the pirate souls or be stuck on board the Portador de Alma forever! 20 a person

Forgotten souls



up to 8 players. You will be blindfolded and handcuffed. This room is not for the weak at heart! The Dark Angel wants you to repent for your sins. You must solve his twisted games to gain redemption and live to see another day. Do you have what it takes to play his game and earn your freedom? Under 14 years old should have an adult in the room. 24 a person

Sherlock Murder Mystery-​up to 8 players. You have come to help Sherlock solve the case. Only you find Sherlock is missing and the killer is still at large. You have 60 minutes to figure out who the killer is and find Sherlock. 20 a person