What happens if we don't book the whole room?

The room is open for up to 8 people. If you do not book all 8 spots then someone else may book that game also. If you would like the room to yourself you must book all 8 spots. Also if you see a time that does not have 8 spots available then that means someone has already booked in that room. 

Can you use your phone while in the room? Take pictures?

‚ÄčNO. This is a chance for you to put down the phone and have fun! We cannot allow any pictures or video in our rooms. We don't want clues or hints given away for the next people.

Do we need to be there early?

Yes. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time. This will allow your group enough time to get the directions and have a full 60 minutes in the room. We can't have late arrivals due to the time limits before the next group. 

What do I need to bring?

Your brain basically. Everything you need to solve the clues is in the room with you.

What are the age limits for an escape room?

Anyone that wants to play can play. Under 14 they must have a parent/guardian with them. Some clues may be difficult for young children to solve.  

What are escape rooms? 

It is a live play game. You will be "locked" in a room with up to 8 people and you must solve the clues, games, and riddles to get out.

Can I book over the phone?

We prefer to do all bookings on line. For the safety of your credit card information.